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There is so much that goes into a successful garden.  From good quality soil to proper irrigation, seed variety and selection to proper fertilization and pest control. Some of the most important steps to a healthy and thriving garden happen at the very beginning, with the indoor seedlings.  

These tender little plants form the foundation of your garden.  Giving them the care and attention that they need will put you well on the path to garden success!  Here are a couple of tips for starting and growing successful indoor seedlings.

           The first tip for successful seedlings is to make sure that they are getting enough direct light.  You want to make sure to pick the sunniest, warmest, window in your house to set your starts.  Even in the sunniest place your starts may not get enough direct sunlight, depending on how far north of the equator you live.

 Many gardeners that find themselves in this situation will supplement the natural sunlight with artificial lights.  Make sure to use fluorescent light bulbs specifically design for plant growth as they require a wide spectrum of light.  A common recommendation is to use a two-light fixture that includes one cool/white bulb and one red bulb, as this will most closely mimic the type of sunlight the plant is looking for naturally.  

In addition to the type and amount of light, seedlings to their best when the artificial light source is kept 3-4 inches from the top of the plants.  As the plants will be getting taller as they grow, your lights will need to be able to move up with them as they get bigger.


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