Millennials have killed houseplants and replaced them with succulents. Why? Because succulents are easy and give you an instant pay off. That’s what we love in today’s fast-paced world. We want things to look pretty, be easy, and not require much from us: enter succulents.

They are the hot topic in gardens these days and are taking over our Insta and Pinterest feeds day after day with tiny, cute, colorful and bubbly plants that make us all smile. Ready to hop on the bandwagon? Me too. Here are a few of my favorite succulent décor ideas.

Succulent Centerpiece

The kitchen table is a great place to start. Create a succulent centerpiece by finding a beautiful planter. Glass bowls are popular, but they aren’t the only option. Go for a beautiful wooden tray, a bright planter, or colorful ceramic bowl. You can also mix your succulents with beautiful stones, candles, or other homey accents to make them the perfect kitchen centerpiece.

Thank you for this great idea for a centerpiece using a bowl. Make sure your succulents have plenty of draining opportunities. They will not survive with wet roots. Add plenty of small rocks to the bottom of a bowl, that has drilled holes in the bottom, to keep them dry.

Sunny Windowsill Addition

succulent home deco

Naturally, succulents love the sun, so put them where they will be the happiest – right on the windowsill. You can give them each their own individual pot or create a planter that fits perfectly on the sill. A trendy window alternative is to hang glass bulbs instead of curtains. It gives a pop of color, a beautiful accent, and doesn’t compromise any natural light in your home.

succulents by window hanging

I love this simple look with a wooden box windowsill planter. The rocks around these plants not only add a new texture for great decor, they help the plants drain easily from waterings. Remember succulents are a kind of cactus, they like to be dry.

simple wooden box windowsill with succulents

Wall Hanging

Succulents make a great wall hanging too. Swap out boring artwork or old family photos for a fresh and organic way to fill your walls. Succulent planters are easy to maintain just remember they don’t need watered very often.

hanging succulent plants

You can hang them from the ceiling, mount them to the wall, and coordinate the colors with any existing home décor. Keep the plants near sunlight, such as a window, but not in full sun the entire day.

hanging pots home decor

Shelf Accent

Need a little something extra on that shelf in the living room? Succulents to the rescue! They are a great way to add greenery to your book shelf or entertainment center.

Find creative containers like cake stands, tiny bowls, or even an old French press. It’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Remember it doesn’t need to be elaborate. Simple with succulents is key.

succulents in pots

Bedroom Greens

Looking to add a little something to the bedroom? Succulents are a great way to add a little greenery to the bedroom. They don’t need a ton of sunlight, so they do OK in a bedroom, and they give a little accent of a spa oasis in your own personal space.

I hope these succulent decor ideas started your mind creating how you can incorporate succulents not only into your garden, but also into your home!

Want succulent home decor ideas, look no further! Succulents are easy and give you an instant pay off so why not add them to you decor.
Want succulent home decor ideas, look no further! Succulents are easy and give you an instant pay off so why not add them to you decor.
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