Pallet Planters have become very popular over the last few years as the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ movement has really picked up momentum.  Using pallets that would otherwise be discarded and left to landfill is a great way to create garden space for your flowers and vegetables.  

They also have a beautiful rustic look.  many of these planters can go where a regular cement floored patio or balcony would be.  Here are some DIY projects and tutorials to get your creative ideas flowing.

       Create this self-watering portable planter box with 5 quarter size pallets.  Not only is it cute but self watering!  It is perfect for porches, balconies, and other open spaces.

Planter Box

      If you are looking to create some space for various plants in the same container consider this stepped planter.  It would be perfect to lean against a wall, fence or shed.

Planter Stairs

      Delicate succulent plants fill out this beautiful addition to any garden space.  This is a great way to add color and privacy to an otherwise eyesore of a fence. 


Balcony Planter

      Check out this free standing herb garden that can house a handful of delicious herbs.  I love that it is free standing, meaning you can put it anywhere in your yard.  Several of these could even act as a wall to divide a large part of a patio or yard.  


DIY show Off

      This pallet garden display brings a wonderful touch of color to any space.  Painting the pallet before hand would add even more color.

      This pallet was turned into a mini-greenhouse for all of the small seedlings.

      This tutorial has great step by step instructions to help you create a full and lush pallet garden.  


      This versatile pallet garden display has been put on wheels to make it easy to move and arrange


      If you have some open wall space you may consider breaking down a pallet into this great flower display


Wall planter

  This pallet planter is a great idea if you are looking to create a visual barrier in an open space or to create a ‘wall’


Outdoor barrier planter


  Perhaps a combination of pallet planter and potted flowers is just what you are looking for


Colorful planter

  Putting together multiple planters is a great way to break up a large open space and provide some privacy as the plants fill in over the growing season


Planter Wall

  We love this little A-frame planter for just a small pop of color


A frame Planter

Looking for more potting container ideas?  Check out this article:  51 Unique Potting Container Ideas


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