12 Low-Maintenance Perennials

The first few years I planted a flower garden I felt like I was burying dollar bills in the ground… Read more »

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The first few years I planted a flower garden I felt like I was burying dollar bills in the ground and hoping I would get something back out. I spend hundreds of dollars at the garden store and hope that the things I picked out would work in my yard.

Having a beautiful garden shouldn’t have to be a gamble if you know what you’re looking for. This list of low-maintenance perennials are hearty, drought tolerant, and can fill up a lot of space without spending a lot of cash.


This is a plant you can rely on even if you have bad soil and drought conditions. It is hearty, spreads two to three feed wide and has beautiful colors that lasts well into the fall and comes back year after year. They start blooming in the spring, and through the fall attracting butterflies along the way.


This is a good plant if you’re looking to add height to your garden. It has flowers that attract hummingbirds, so you might not want to place it right next to your door. It looks beautiful as a backdrop to other perennials and can bloom in orange, pink, red, purple, or blue.


This is a popular annual to grow from seed, but the perennial version comes back year after year and thrives in dry conditions.

    Pasque Flower

A great option for gardeners who appreciate unique blooms and may be looking for some texture. Even after the blooms are gone, the seed heads are beautiful and last for several weeks.

    Hens and Chicks

I love this one because it has so many possibilities and works in areas where you have very shallow container or rocky spots. It is forgiving and can go days without water and perks up quickly.


If you are looking to fill a wide area or prefer a little less is more in your beds, yucca is a great choice. The large leaves are beautiful and last all season. Additional tall white flowers pop up and bloom in midsummer.


Yarrow is everything you want in a perennial. It grows in almost any condition, but blooms all the way until the first frost. Some consider Yarrow a weed, but if you have the right cultivar it can be a hidden treasure.


Despite it’s delicate blooms, this plant is a tough one. Red Penstemon is the most popular, but it also comes in purple, white, and pink.


I love these classic daisy-like flowers that are basically maintenance free. They don’t require a lot of attention and can be anywhere from 1-3 feet tall.

 Astible: These beautiful pink blossoms bloom in late spring to early summer and work perfectly in shady spots.


If you’re going for that natural, wildflower look, use Baptisia to fill in the spaces. It looks beautiful in a wide range of colors and blooms in the early spring.


This well-known supplement makes a beautiful addition to the garden. The flowers are reminiscent of beautiful pink daises that tolerate drought well and rise to two to three feet tall.

  Good luck on your planting, I wish the best of health to your perennials this year!

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