Tired of looking at your drab backyard space? Wishing you had a little more oomph? Low on funds? You’re in the right space! Sometimes just a little change can make a huge difference in your outdoor living space. For me, springtime is about getting outside, soaking up the sun, and stockpiling all of the Vitamin D I can get. I love being outside, but that is hard to do when you don’t have a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space at your own home. Regardless of whether you have a patch of grass or several acres, we’ve got some DIY projects to put on your list this spring to spruce up your yard on the cheap.

Let’s start with one of my favorites. Got a basic concrete patio? Transform it into a beautifully private backyard oasis. This is perfect for closing off those neighbors that feel a little too close and giving yourself backyard space to enjoy.

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No patio space? No problem! Lowe’s gives you everything you need to create a platform deck in a weekend.


Not quite ready for any major construction? No problem. Sometimes adding just a little extra something can elevate your space. Start with some flower pots, customize basic terra cotta with a little paint and rope to give a more custom look. Grab your hot glue gun and start wrapping your pot with twine.  In a few minutes you will have new outdoor decor!  Throw in some fun porch pillows to match!

terra cotta pots with twine

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One of the most popular backyard additions these days is a fire pit. There are about a hundred ways to make them and you can’t go wrong no matter what you do. Add a few camping chairs and marshmallow’s and you’re done!

15 DIY Fire Pit Ideas for your Backyard!

Can you believe this couch is a DIY project? It looks like it came off the Pier One catalog pages, but it is a DIY tutorial provided by Life on Virginia Street that you can do in an afternoon. If your backyard could use a little extra seating, this is the DIY for you.  

diy bench with pillows

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I have a love/hate relationship with backyard toys. I want my kids to have something to enjoy playing with, but they inevitably leave them strewn all over the backyard. This DIY storage box is definitely in my future. Best of all, it doubles as a seating bench – winner winner!

outdoor bench storage

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How cool is this hanging chair? This makes me want to pull up a book and just hang out for a while (see what I did there?). I think every front porch or back deck needs one of these.

chair hammock for porchPhoto Source

Add a little flair to basic windows by adding an awning and hanging plants. It’s a beautiful addition that gives you a great way to give a little pop of color you can enjoy from both the inside and outside of your home.

diy outdoor project

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These are called Texas Lamp Posts, but I just call them beautiful. Any way I can add flowers to my space is a good thing. These also give you the perfect setting to add hanging lights to create the perfect relaxing space.

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Nothing makes your yard look better that nice crisp lines around your flower beds,  garden and patio.  Check out these great edging ideas to create a beautiful edge for your yard areas. 

11 Beautiful Lawn Edging Ideas

Gardening provides countless benefits, and raised garden beds are one of the easiest ways to garden because you have ultimate control over the soil, fertilize, and etc. so you can give your plants the best care.

gardening boxes

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Add fun lighting. It’s  may seem like a pretty small backyard project but it can make a huge difference, especially for those backyard barbeques.  Check out these great lighting ideas


Lighting tutorials found here

Does your yard need a little something? Check out these EASY DIY projects!
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