First came the man cave, now make room for the she-shed. 

Sure, men need a space to hang out with the guys, kick back with a few beers and a great game and enjoy a little relaxing on the weekends. Women also need a space of their own to read, create, rest, and relax with the ladies (Bachelor night anyone??) 

Of course, these beautiful customized sheds can be enjoyed by both sexes and can be used for just about anything, but there’s something about them that’s distinctly feminine. The she-shed is the perfect backyard sanctuary that can be used year-round as a retreat for busy women.

If you’re thinking about creating your own little home away from home, we’ve rallied up some of the best she-shed ideas for you. 

shed for women

1. This she-shed is at the top of our list for so many reasons. Not only is it clearly beautiful and perfectly shabby chic, but it actually doubles as a guest house.

The sofa folds out into a bed and it has all the comforts of a hotel room your backyard including full electricity and plumbing. All of the details from the décor to the roof paneling is classic and feminine and full of character and charm. 

she shed yard

2. This is the literal definition of a she-shed created from an actual shed. A basic shed was used as the base, where slat of wood were added to give it a little style. The paint and pattern gives a more modern feel and windows with window boxes were added to make it a little more cozy. We love that this one even has a little porch and seating area to really create a full retreat. 

painted stripes shed

3. Tea party anyone? The best part about a she-shed is that you can finally let your personality out and paint it up however you’d like. From the bold colors to the picket fence, this looks like a scene straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Despite the movie-quality finishing, this is a real she-shed in a real backyard for a real lucky lady. This she-shed is custom built and has all the finishing touches to make it the perfect spot for entertaining. 

shed house in backyard

4. We are loving this she-shed from Finding Silver Pennies. She brings all her home décor skills into her shed to really make it a personalized space that is just for her. Inside is an overstuffed armchair perfect for reading or taking an afternoon nap. There’s a beautiful coffee table, a few side tables for lemonade and stacks of books and open windows give a nice cross breeze. Sounds like a spa retreat I’m ready to sign up for. 

she shed in backyard

5. This is a cross between a she-shed and a tiny house. This one was built in 2013, way before tiny houses or she-sheds were very popular. It’s long (18 feet) and narrow (8 feet) but still oversized for most she-sheds. This tiny house is the perfect space dressed up with lace curtains complete with a porch and proper front door. Inside is a full galley-style kitchen, bathroom, and a reading nook. It’s the perfect little retreat for Tonica at ShabbyChicTinyRetreat and we’re loving it all over again. 

she shed

6. Guys. This is a TuffShed. Let that sink in for a moment.

What was once a manly shed built for storing mulch and tools is now a beautiful dream space for any woman to relax and enjoy. The inside fits a full-size couch and dresser for storage. I am loving the light fixture and the loft of books, that looks dreamy! The bright white and beadboard walls and stained beams brings this space to life. This shed doesn’t have electricity or plumbing, but I’m pretty sure I could spend hours in there without ever getting bored. 

reading room shed

7. How cute is this little reading nook? It’s important that your she-shed fit your personality and this one is busting with style from the inside out. This homeowner hit up thrift stores, antique shops, flea markets and crafts stores to find everything she needed to really make this space her own. Even the roof is decoupaged with book pages. This space is remarkable in every way and we can’t wait for an invite to the next book club meeting! 

green house she shed

8. This she-shed is created with 34 salvaged windows and is a mixture between a potting shed and a gardeners retreat. It gives her the space she needs to do what she loves in a beautiful setting that could not be more perfect. We are loving the rustic nature of this she-shed right down to the antique doors that act as the roof and the creeping vines that make this shed a part of the landscape. 

winter she shed

9. A she-shed can be enjoyed in any season. This studio is a custom build option that her husband designed and built to 12’x12’. Because this was going to be used in the winter, insulation was added to ensure it was easy to heat and would stay relatively cool in the summer. This beautiful retreat is complete with a loft area and plenty of space for creating or relaxing. Best of all, if you’re interested in a cottage of your own, she even has a 32 page tutorial available on her website:

teal sewing she shed

10. If you love to craft, a she-shed might be the perfect spot for you. You can work on your projects and leave them out undisturbed as long as necessary. You aren’t taking up the kitchen table and your family is no longer tripping over your craft supplies. That’s exactly what Patricia of Tippy Stockton did. She owns a jewelry shop and needed a space to create that was all her own. Her vintage jewelry line definitely gets inspiration from this space that allows her creativity to flow. 

pink she shed

11. Can you believe this shed was transformed in just 10 days? enhanced the windows to fill the space with more light, and painted the floor with a beautiful white and grey design. The walls were spruced up with paint and beautiful curtains while the roof got upholstery to hide the plain asphalt shingles. Inside, she added two large mirrors along with a desk chair and small sofa. The results are absolutely stunning. 

she shed in white

12. This lovely little garden nook is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink with friends on a beautiful spring day. I love the natural light that flows so easily through this space. The cobblestone path gives extra character and it’s just bursting with garden life at every angle. 

Beautiful customized she sheds to inspire you on your next backyard project! She shed anyone? Yes please!
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