There are few things better than relaxing on a backyard deck on a summer night with a cool breeze. Having a deck to use for entertaining and relaxing adds beautiful square footage to your living space.

If you’re considering adding a deck to your current home, the options are literally endless. In choosing the right design for you, the first to do is to take note of your home design. You want your patio and deck to match the look and style of your home. Considering important areas like shape, color, materials, and style will give consistency of the overall design. Having a modern house will be a good match with designs using concrete or stones. On the other hand, a cabin or log home would look beautiful with a redwood deck.

Second, consider functionality. How do you plan to use your deck? Do you want to relax in peace and quiet or have a dance party? Are you looking for more of a Zen style retreat or a place for family and friends to barbeque in style? Do you want privacy or wide-open space? Consider these options carefully to get the most out of your investment. If you plan to use one deck for multiple purposes, you may want additional or separate seating areas and the option of kitchen elements included in the design.

Finally, think of the climate in your area


The material you choose for an outdoor deck is an investment decision. There are many materials to choose from, but each have varying degrees of maintenance, upkeep, and installation cost. Also, consider the climate of your area. Is your deck going to be covered with snow in the winter? You’ll want materials that can handle frigid temperatures. Other elements may not stand up to glaring sun in hot southern summers. Carefully consider the climate, your location, and your budget as you choose the style and materials for your deck. Here is a rundown of the most common materials:

·      Redwood – Natural timber is always a popular option for outdoor decks, and redwood is king. Redwood is suitable due to the good finish, high durability and gorgeous color. Although it is expensive, it may be worth the investment because of the longevity from Redwood.

  • PressureTreated Lumber– For a classic wood appearance, you’ll definitely want to consider pressure-treated lumber should be in the list. It is the most preferred material for classic wood appearance because it’s classically beautiful. However,  it does require intensive maintenance and may be prone to bending after extensive use.
  • Compound – There are several composite product or plastic options that requires little maintenance and last forever. However, these don’t have the natural look of wood and you are somewhat limited in terms of color and style options. Despite the drawbacks, the durability of these materials is unmatched. Not to mention they are basically maintenance free, and they don’t retail heat as much as natural wood, which is good for barefoot summers.
  • Lightweight Aluminum – this material is considered the sturdiest for backyard decks. Although it performs well, it’s not as popular because of its heat retention and it is the most expensive among other types of materials.

Before purchasing your deck materials, it’s always a good idea to talk to an expert in your neighborhood and do your own research to decide which one works best in your backyard.

Style and Layout:

Once you have your materials chosen, then it’s time to add some style. These are some of our favorite deck styles and layout ideas that will give you the functionality and the style you are looking for.

1.    Show off the View:

If you bought your home for the view, you want a deck that emphasizes that. Ensure the location of your deck brings out the best view in the house, and use minimal materials that don’t detract from the vista.

2.    Create a Destination:

Decks don’t have to be attached to the house. Sometimes, they can create a destination all on their own by creating a path to a private retreat or garden nook.

3.    Entertainment Deck:

This entertainment deck features several areas that combine to support any type of crowd. You have a quiet fireplace with seating, a hot tub in the corner, a cabana up top with the barbeque nearby. Although there isn’t a lot of square footage, this deck maximizes entertainment.

4.    Adaptable Deck:

You can create a deck that uses all of your outdoor space rather than limiting it to the ground level. An adaptable deck offers different types of entertaining areas, both exposed and covered, depending on the weather.

5.    Blending Naturally:

deck layout idea

Your address doesn’t need to be a deterrent to outdoor living. This amazing deck provides plenty of space for relaxing and entertaining right in the heart of the city. Use the space you have to create the scene you want.

6.    Cottage-Style Porch:

cottage covered porch

You can enjoy a deck right up next to the home and create a completely new living space. Comfortable furniture and privacy makes this type of deck prime seating in the summertime.

7.    Cozy Cabana:

covered deck

An cabana-style makes a cozy spot for cold drinks and watching sunsets. This is especially great if you live in a hot, humid climate and need to take advantage of breezy shade and the ceiling fan.

8.    Vegetable Boardwalk:

garden deck

If you want a deck to support your green thumbs, create a space that support your garden beds. The container gardens around this deck expand the amount of produce you can grow, and now the edibles are near the kitchen for easy care and harvest.

9.    Contemporary Lounge:

deck layout ideas for home owners

This deck matches the home completely by using neutrals together to create a sleek and cozy outdoor space that is clearly defined.

10.  Green Kitchen:

kitchen deck

This eco-friendly deck takes up most of the outdoor space using the “yard” to create an outdoor kitchen that is easier and less expensive to maintain, and provide the family an extended entertaining area.

11.  Fun All Around:

fun deck for families

The deck provides a bird’s-eye view of the resort-like style of this outdoor scene. With multiple play areas and lounging options this gorgeous hardscape is perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

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11 Deck lay out ideas!   Having a deck to use for entertaining and relaxing adds beautiful square footage to your living space.
11 Deck lay out ideas!   Having a deck to use for entertaining and relaxing adds beautiful square footage to your living space.
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