Pumpkins make beautiful seasonal decorations both inside and outside of our homes.  They usher in the fall season, they brighten our Halloween porches for our trick-or-treat visitors, and they create a warm and inviting atmosphere for our family and friends.  There is so much more that you can do with pumpkins all throughout your house and yard that goes far beyond carving jack-o-lanterns on Halloween.  Here are some creative and striking ideas for to use pumpkins in your seasonal décor.

      Have you ever thought of framing some elegant white pumpkins for your walls!  Check out this tutorial to create this stunning display.

11 pumpkin decor 1

Framed Pumpkins


      Fall and football go hand in hand so how about creating a football inspired centerpiece with your next pumpkin.  With a little paint and seasonal ribbon, you are well on your way to this fun and funky piece. I couldn’t find the original source but you get the idea!

11 pumpkin decor 2


      If you have some space on your porch by the front door and an old wheelbarrow you can quickly create this inviting welcome sign

11 pumpkin decor 3

      A fireplace is a great place for a little pumpkin perfection! I sure am going to try this in my home, it is elegant and beautiful. 

11 pumpkin 4

Fireplace Arrangement


      There are lots of colorful flowers still in bloom during the fall season so why not create some natural pumpkin planters for those blooms!  By creating a grouping of them it really ups the ‘wow’ factor.

_ don't use 11 pumpkin decor 5

      Miniature pumpkins make a great addition to a table centerpiece, and using white pumpkins create a great unexpected twist. I love how midwestliving added a thin garland to tie this centerpiece together. 

11 pumpkin decor 6

      Pumpkins and spooky spiders make the perfect combination for a great Halloween porch display! 

11 pumpkin decor 7
    How about using those mini pumpkins that seem to pop up in every store during the fall season as a little front door hanger

11 pumpkin decor 8

Pumpkin door decor


      Pumpkins on pedestals – yes please!

11 pumpkin decor 9

  Mini orange pumpkins give this seasonal wreath a great pop of color

11 pumpkin decor 10

Circle Pumpkin Wreath


  Use those shepherds hooks for a little seasonal flair

_ don't use 11 pumpkin decor 11

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